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Dream home

This custom dream home is so special that a large media company approached the homeowners to use the house as a set for a well known TV program.

As you approach the house along the sweeping driveway your eyes are drawn to the magnificent portico and grand front entrance. Once inside you are greeted with a sweeping central staircase that maximises natural light as well as providing a seamless link between floors.

The house features multiple living zones with a layout that caters to the lifestyle requirements of the owners. Striking materials such as polished jarrah flooring and imported marble tiles provide a sense of grandeur to the open plan living areas. Innovative and creative features such as the fish tank enclosed in a feature wall create stunning results. At the rear of the house a courtyard pool area provides a seamless transition between internal and external spaces.

Uncompromising quality and attention to detail enhance the contemporary design and make this a truly beautiful bespoke home.

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